You Have Something Wrong With You For Not Wanting More “Stuff”.

Anyone ever told you that? I’ve been told that… many times. Of course, it’s been said in many ways – Where’s your stuff? How do you live like this? There must be something wrong with you! It looks like no one lives here! – but yet I carry on. After all, it’s the only life I have and the choices are mine to make and live with. Many people think that an empty house means an empty life…or an organized house means that no one is actually living in it… but I don’t agree. Oftentimes the collecting of “stuff” is a true sign that something is amiss, as people use it to escape from or ignore true issues in their lives. If they are constantly bombarded with stimulation or surrounded by endless amounts of stuff, when does the mind get a rest to do any real thinking? To contemplate what is going on around them outside of their home? To dream of things they want to do?

There is nothing wrong with you for wanting less stuff. For thinking less about consuming and more about living. For keeping your belongings to a minimum and your home simple. We weren’t put here to continually buy, buy, buy – yet it has become normal to assume that’s why we exist.

I have given up fighting back because it’s not worth the effort, to be honest. I know what works for me, and no one can tell me that there is anything wrong with it. Usually when others try to tell you something you are doing is wrong, it’s only out of their own insecurity and self-doubt.

So don’t let anyone tell you what is right for you. Period. You know best.

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