Wunderlist – The Free, Syncing To-Do List App

In October of 2011 I wrote a post about the program SimpleNote, which was my note-taking application of choice. At first it only worked on my iPhone, and then they eventually added a weird work-around for syncing, but I got tired of stuff not showing up on one machine or another… so I stopped using anything at all, reverting back to either a piece of paper in the house or the Notepad app on my phone. A few months ago I put the word out to my contacts that I was looking for a new to-do app that would work flawlessly on both my laptop and my phone, and I received a few responses back. The one that caught my eye was one called Wunderlist, which is marketed as being “task management at its best”, so I decided to give it a try. It’s fantastic.

Why is it fantastic?

  • It’s free.
  • It syncs perfectly between my devices.
  • It’s as simple as it can possibly be.
  • It allows me to cross off completed items while still being able to see them.
  • It’s beautifully designed.
  • I can share lists with others.
  • It’s cross-platform and available for Mac, Windows, and Android devices

Here’s a snapshot of the list I was working from earlier today:

If you are looking for a desktop or mobile app to help keep you organized, you really couldn’t do much better than this one. Seriously, give your to-do list a makeover and give it a shot. You’ll dig it.

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