Whoa Doggy! And Some Other News.

OK, it’s been a while. Best-laid plans don’t always work out, and my plans are no exception to this oft-cited rule. Due to a combination of a bad economy, my looking for work, and several other unmentionables, my plan to hit the road with an Airstream has been put on hold indefinitely. I know, I know. It’s not gone, it’s just… being saved for later. I realized this morning that ever since my last post in October, I have left the site rather dormant and lacking of any news or updates. Thus, this here post, just to let you guys know I am not dead and, in fact, am working on the next phase of what is truly possible, instead of what has to be put on the backburner.

For starters, I have been on the road since October. Not in the fashion that I wanted to be, but I did pack everything up and have been living in 3 different locations since then. I am currently in Florida visiting some relatives, but in just a short while I am off for my (final?) destination — Vermont. And yes, my girlfriend is still here and coming along too.

The goal is to set-up a simple, organized life in Vermont. Yes, in the middle of winter. No, I am not insane. But that’s the goal. Once I’m standing still, I hope to fill my life with writing, working, small-scale farming, honey-do lists, and some general manliness, all on a few (many?) acres of our own. Basically I will be working at keeping it simple, stupid, while also starting over from scratch. It should be fun.

So anyway, in case anyone was wondering, that’s the deal, man. After the holidays I head north in the Tacoma, to set up shop in beautiful Vermont. I hope this is where I stay for a long, long time, as I am tired of being a nomad for so long. Living out of a suitcase has its perks, but you do run out of clean socks rather quickly.

As for the Whoa Doggy!? Well, one of those is in the plans too. Along with some chickens.

Onward. 2012 looks to be an exciting here for me. Simple living, here I come. Hope you come along too.

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