Where Have You Been?

So, what’s going on, Man? I have gotten a few of these emails lately, so figured I would write up something real quick to answer the question…

Well, let me tell you – things are a-changing over here and in my life at this very moment. This year will bring some serious changes in lifestyle design and opportunities, most of which I haven’t shared with anyone, including close friends and family. (And I won’t be saying much here for a bit, either, but I promise I will soon). All I can say for now is that in the coming months my life will be drastically different and more along the lines of what I myself want out of life, rather than trying to live the way one is “supposed” to according to common convention. Think “small”, “downsized”, “simpler” and “mobile”, if you will. I will be 40 years old next year and now is the time to start doing it my way, even if others don’t like it or think it too difficult. After all, we each only get one go-round, right? Why not make the most of it? I don’t want to put off to later what I can choose to do now, which is what I have been doing for years!

I am sorry for the lack of posting lately here on Simple.Organized.Life., but that will be changing soon as I use this space to document the goings-on I am about to make to my living and life situation. Stay tuned, and I promise to make it interesting around here real soon! I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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