Using Eventbox To Organize Your Social Media Life.

Granted it’s for Mac users only, but I think I have found my new favorite social media aggregator – EventBox. As a desktop application, it enables me to access my RSS feeds (it syncs them with Google reader as well), Facebook account, Twitter account, Flickr account, and Reddit account all in one single place. No more having to have 5 different windows open all day just to use the things I use all day! I can open EventBox in the morning and have access to all those things at once, and it even auto-updates every few minutes.

This has really optimized the time I spend on social media. No more logging in and out, shrinking and enlarging windows, or browser crashes. I just need the guys over there to add in email access (please?) and it will be a perfect product. I have tried many different aggregators that tend to do single tasks very well, but this is pretty near perfect. If you have a Mac and are looking for a great way to organize your social media applications, it is well worth the $15…

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  1. May 11, 2009

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