Tip: Create A Drop Zone For All Things Leaving Your House.

A few months ago, in my weekly quest to get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can, I always ended up with random piles of items headed to different places outside of my house. A pile in the garage, a pile in the hall, a pile in the back of the Jeep – all waiting to be delivered. But now, I have devised a system in my garage for organizing ALL things leaving my house, which keeps me organized and clutter-free while I continue to dig through the rest of my belongings. This system includes anything and everything that is headed out of my home, and is divided by the following categories:

1. Trash – My trash goes into a metal trash can in my garage until I make my (at most) twice monthly trip to the dump.
2. Recycling now – Aluminum, paper & cardboard only, as my town doesn’t recycle plastic
3. Recycling later – Any plastic recycling is saved here until I make a run down to Santa Fe or up to Denver
4. Goodwill/Donations
5. Consignment shop
6. To be sold on Craigslist, et al.

I have 1 metal trash can for holding trash and 5 big cardboard boxes for the other expendables. Each box stays in the garage now until it is full, to simplify my disposal process and to keep me organized. This way I don’t have piles all over the house, and I always have a place to put anything I want to get rid of. And to be honest, this also encourages me to go through and declutter even more, because I have a place to put anything I find. So if you are having trouble staying organized while you declutter, create a spot where you can put everything until you get around to disposing of it. Trust me, it will help!

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