Thinking Of Downsizing My Office/Tech To Simplify My Life.

And I would like to get your opinion on it! Right now, I have my own office in our house that has a desk, my favorite chair (the Think from Steelcase), a 24 inch monitor, a giant Mac Pro tower, my printer, a bookcase with all my reference materials on it, and some amazing views. Here is a picture of it that I posted on my other site a while back:

Looks simple and organized, right? Well, it is…only problem is that I am finding myself sitting with my laptop on the living room couch or working in a coffee shop instead. Which, sadly, leaves that computer and great monitor mostly untouched except for when I have to do heavy-duty graphics work or video editing (which has not been often lately). My laptop has become my central workhorse, I rarely if ever print anything, and my books could be moved to our main bookcase. I could do without that big computer 95% of the time. This has been working great except for those times when certain passwords are only on one computer, or a document does need to be printed, or my contact info/calendars are not syncing correctly with all three machines (Mac Pro, MacBook, iPhone). It can be quite a challenge sometimes to find the information I need.

So as much as I like having that “permanent” computer set up in that room, (and that amazing chair) I am thinking it is a waste (and more trouble than it’s worth) to keep it up and running and taking up space in that room that could be put to better use somehow. I could even sell that computer and just use the laptop at this point, even with that monitor and chair in a much smaller space in the house if I wanted. So my question to you guys is – do any of you manage multiple computers in your house successfully? If so, how? Or did you at one point and then cut back to just one? I am just thinking that having one single computer that syncs with my iPhone has got to be easier than trying to manage all three at the same time. Jumping between them is becoming a hassle, and if I got rid of the big one, I would always have all my work and documents no matter where I am, I can continue to work on the couch, and that extra room could become a very nice guest room or even a quiet place to meditate. For the longest time I thought that more and more technology would simplify things, but I am starting to realize that is not the case. Please, if you have any advice/opinion/thoughts on this, would love to hear from you! How do you manage your home office, if you have one?

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