The Simple Things Volume Ten.

Wow, how did that happen? I haven’t done a roundup of some favorite posts since August! Sorry about that, will try to get back on a regular schedule with The Simple Things. As in the past, again I will feature a picture that depicts some aspect of my from the past week:


This weekend I went for probably what is my last walk/hike out by the gorge bridge before I move. I will certainly miss the peace and quiet of the mesa, that’s for sure. And here are some great reads I have come across recently that you should check out:

On Simplicity wants to know -> Are Your Collections Pulling Their Weight? I know mine weren’t, so out the door they went.

Emily from Remodeling This Life talks about having a place to play, and I couldn’t agree more. Play is SO important.

Zen Habits has the Beginner’s Guide To Minimalist Travel. Definitely some lessons here to be learned.

Rowdy Kittens shuts their junk drawer…forever. I think I may need to do this as well in my new place.

More Minimal has 5 Decluttering Projects You Can Finish in Under 5 Hours. Who doesn’t love finding new ways to declutter?

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