The Simple Things Volume One.

“The Simple Things” is going to be a regular feature here, whenever I feel like it, of links around the internet I have found to be inspiring and/or fun to read. Some will be some friends, some will be from friends I hope to make, and some will be from folks I will never know. Hopefully you will find some value in them! Each time I put one of these posts up I will include a picture from my own life showing the things that are important to me and my Simple. Organized. Life., and here is this week’s photo:

I truly enjoy hanging out my laundry to dry, knowing that I am both saving some money and harking back to days long past when it was the only way to dry your clothes. Plus, they smell good when you bring them inside! Anyway, on to the links, and have a great weekend!

Where Are You Looking for Simplicity? from On Simplicity.

Friendly Spring Cleaning Encouragement from Home Ec 101.

DIY Patio Project from my friend Emily over at Remodeling This Life.

How to Shop at Whole Foods from Simple Savvy. So funny, and so true.

A Simpler Life: Be Patient with Yourself from Making This Home.

What Have You Given Up That You Don’t Miss? from The Reductionist.

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