The Simple Things Volume Four.

“The Simple Things” is a regular feature here, on no schedule, of links around the internet I have found to be inspiring and/or fun to read. Each time I put one of these posts up I will include a picture from my own life showing the things that are important to me and my Simple. Organized. Life., and here is this week’s photo:

This is the kind of town I live in, where a small side street takes on a new life as a couple takes a drive in their antique car. I definitely never saw this in Los Angeles! On to The Simple Things, and have a great weekend!

My Simpler Life has a Simpler Garage Sale. I love these ideas, and will definitely implement them if I ever have a sale at my house. offers up Make Every Day a Vacation, which is something I am striving for!

Emily at Remodeling This Life talks about what she loves right now. I really enjoy these insights into her life!

FIMBY (Fun In My Back Yard) gives some advice on keeping kids occupied this summer…without keeping them busy 24/7. The simple stuff works best.

Small Notebook has a great post up titled Prioritizing Goals and Letting Some Go. This is very important to living a simpler life.

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