The Simple Things Volume Eight.

“The Simple Things” is a regular feature here, on no set schedule, of links around the internet I have found to be inspiring and/or fun to read. Each time I put one of these posts up I will include a picture from my own life showing the things that are important to me and my Simple. Organized. Life., and here is this week’s photo:

Granted, I didn’t take the picture – my wife did. I love living somewhere that the cows can just take over the road and you have to wait for them! How cool is that? Let’s check out the latest roundup of The Simple Things:

4 Reluctant Entertainers has a great post up titled I Shopped my own Yard Sale! Go check out how she did it and do take all those tips to heart for your own garage sale!

Emily from Remodeling This Life talks about being Inspired by Quiet. Always something to keep in mind – we all need quiet time.

Simple Savvy talks my language with Top 10 Eco Gifts for Non-eco Newlyweds. You can also use these for any other occasion as well!

Jesse over at Slowing Down has some Purge Suggestions for you to use in your home to start the purge!

Michael Janzen from Tiny House Design has Solar Tiny House Plans for you to check out. I love the idea of a tiny house (especially a solar one!), and hope someday I can live in one.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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