The Simple Things Volume 11.

“The Simple Things” is a regular feature here, on no set schedule, (obviously, since I haven’t done one in months!) of links around the internet I have found to be inspiring and/or fun to read. Each time I put one of these posts up I will include a picture from my own life showing the things that are important to me and my Simple. Organized. Life., and here is this week’s photo:


After much purging and even selling my bookcase before moving to my new 756 sq foot apartment, this is all that is left of my book collection. I am thinking of just stacking them as high as I can reach and forgoing any sort of shelving unit. What do you think?

My friend Emily from Remodeling This Life builds a reading nook for her kids.

Rowdy Kittens talks about standing while you work. Not sure I could actually do this, as I am at this computer all day long!

You Simplified goes on a 100 Things Rant – and I agree 100%. It’s not about how you choose to participate in the minimalism movement, it’s just about doing it and standing by your choices.

Simple Savvy discusses mindful eating, which is something I have been striving to pay more attention to lately.

Art of Great Things wants you to eliminate distractions and make some space in your life. So important.

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