The Amazing Clutter-Free House.

*Updated with bad pictures from my iPhone.OK, so the amazing clutter-free house happened to be the house for sale that my friends just bought, but still – wow. This past weekend I was up in Colorado visiting friends and attending to some business, and one of the things we did was attend the home inspection of the house they just signed a contract on last week. While I spent most of the time occupying their 2 small children for 3 hours, I did take some time to tour their new abode. I know that when people try to sell their homes, they do a lot of staging to make it as attractive as possible – but the job they did on this house was astounding. My friends and I were envious that they had seemingly pared down their life to the bare essentials and were able to continue living in the house! The living room had a some nice art on the walls, a couch, chair, coffee table, rug, TV stand, and a TV. That’s all. No knickknacks, clutter, or anything to detract you from the room itself. The kitchen was fully organized, with drawer inserts in every drawer to keep things in their places. The bedrooms were immaculately decorated and organized, and even the kids’ toys in the play room were sorted and arranged in beautiful wood containers. They didn’t seem to have a basement full of old stuff they couldn’t get rid of; their garage was clean and uncluttered; the attic was not full of antiques that never see the light of day. Every square inch of the house screamed “SIMPLICITY” and we all got to talking about how even though we think we are organized and trying to be clutter-free, there is always more we can do.

I live a fairly simple life. I don’t like clutter, I don’t collect anything, and I rarely keep things longer than I need to. But still – I somehow have more stuff than I need. And while I know this house was staged and for sale, it really got me thinking about how much more I could probably purge from my life. There are boxes in the garage that have not been opened since we moved here back in June – what in the world is inside them that I need to keep around? After all I haven’t needed whatever it is since then, so what value is it bringing to my life? Maybe this weekend I will investigate just what is in the boxes and see if I can get rid of some of it.

Do you ever have moments like this, say when you visit a friends’ house and see how they live? I hadn’t had a moment like this in a while, and seeing this staged home has really given me more inspiration to reduce my “load” even more.

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