Stop Worrying and Let it Ride

I need to stop worrying about everything. I have been on the move, packing my stuff, unpacking my stuff, throwing away my stuff, buying new stuff, and spending a lot on gasoline for what seems like eternity now. In the 2.5 years, I have lived in NM, CO, CA, NM, FL, VT – in that order.

I used to work in corporate America, gave that up in 2006, and been self-employed ever since. The money sucks but the freedom is mostly worth it. I say mostly because the money has dropped precipitously in the last 6-8 months and I am now considering taking looking for a full-time position somewhere. While the solid paycheck would be nice, I need health insurance – I can’t get it on my own due to having cancer cut out of my leg in 2008. Of course, actually getting someone to hire me in this economy is probably as difficult as getting the aforementioned health insurance. Denial, denial, denial.

In the last week, I have dealt with the following:

  1. A Jury Duty summons. For the state of Colorado, where I haven’t lived since 2010.
  2. A letter from the IRS. Seems they were curious why I didn’t report the extra $73,000 in income for 2010. Um, that’s because I didn’t have an extra $73,000 in income that year!
  3. My web server was hacked. As in, where all my sites are hosted.
  4. A gentlemen I hired to “fix” some nagging issues on The Good Human actually damaged the hell out of it. Traffic and income have dropped by about 50% since his “fixing.”
  5. My girlfriend’s grandfather died.

Through all this, I am working hard on letting it all go. Letting it ride, so to speak. Eventually, it all has to stop and things have to turn around – I have to keep that in mind. It ALWAYS works out in the end; sometimes it just takes a long time to get there. I’m not dying, I’m not homeless, and I’m not a drug addict. Things are not that bad in the grand scheme. I don’t believe all that “The Secret” mumbojumbo, but I do believe that things will smooth out, calm down, and work out in my favor if I can allow myself to work with the struggle and not against the struggle.

Already in the few days I have come up a new idea for a business related to this website, gone on a new “diet” (Specific Carb Diet, if you must know) that has completely stopped any and all of my long-standing digestive issues, and…

Decided to move. Again.

Details will be forthcoming, but we are moving. Far. Sometimes you make mistakes that you don’t know are mistakes until you make them. Alas, moving here was one of those mistakes, and we have a plan for remedying it. It’s the best for both of us at this point, and it will pay off.



Stop Worrying and Let it Ride. What else are you going to do?

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