Stop Making Plans.

OK, not entirely – but you shouldn’t be only concentrating on the future while you are living in the today. Too many people are unhappy in life because they are never “accomplishing” their “goals” that they are constantly setting for themselves day in and day out. Instead of taking the time to enjoy what they are doing right now, they are only focused on the future…possibly missing out on some great stuff going on in the present. I used to live the “I will do that when…” lifestyle, and while it sometimes still creeps in and I have to fight it off, I am doing my best to live the “now” lifestyle. After all, tomorrow may not come — so I want to make the best of today. Here are a few things to try out for yourself if you are too busy making plans and living for tomorrow while missing out on today:

Don’t make plans for next weekend. Just wake up Saturday or Sunday with no plans at all and see where your day takes you. A lot of people have trouble with this concept (I know I did), so it might be hard at first. But spending a day doing whatever comes to mind can be a very freeing experience.

Spend a day doing nothing — but not at home. Go to a park for a day to read, head to the beach to people-watch, go for a drive, anything…just don’t stay at home thinking about what needs to get done.

Start a new To-Do list. Are you feeling brave? Throw out that long To-Do list and start over. I bet many of those projects that were on the list don’t get added back in.

Stop planning for tomorrow. Plan for today instead. What can you do today to make things better? Easier? Simpler? Concentrate on today instead of next year.

Whatever you are worrying about either already happened or will happen later. Try not to waste too much time focusing on “what if” scenarios. You are living RIGHT NOW – not tomorrow or yesterday.

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If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend reading The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle. It can help teach you to live “in the now” rather than in the past or in the future. We can truly only control what is going on at this very moment, so by learning to stop planning so much for later and instead to start living now can go a long way to a simple, happy life. So stop making plans, and start making a life you can live right now!

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