So You Think You Are Frugal? What Lengths Are You Willing To Go To?

I thought I was too – until I found myself cutting our tube of toothpaste in half in order to get out the paste that I could not squeeze out! I was about to throw away the expired tube and then felt that there was still a lot of paste in the tube, so I cut it in half. Voila! There was still a ton inside the tube that will probably last another week or so, at least. Score!

Have you ever done this? Now I am on a mission looking around my house for other items that we use and then throwaway, without realizing that there is still plenty of the product inside the packaging. Glue? Body lotion? Shampoo? I think too often we assume that because nothing is coming out that it must be “gone”, when in fact there might still be plenty left that is just more difficult to get to. If everything I come across has another weeks’ worth of goods inside, over time that can add up to a lot of wasted money and product. Gotta go – I think there are some tubes I missed in the bathroom!

What lengths are you ready to go to to be more frugal? I think being frugal goes hand in hand with being eco-friendly and living simply, as you don’t waste money on things you don’t need and/or already have – and the same goes for the miraculous toothpaste tube that still held plenty of paste even after it was declared empty! Do you do things like this around your house? If so, what else should I be looking into?

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