Simply Carfree: Fantastic Book For Those Looking To Ditch Their Cars.

Thinking of getting rid of your car in order to simplify and slow down? Then you need to read this e-book by Tammy from Rowdy Kittens. Titled “Simply Carfree“, it is a brilliant 82 page guide to getting out of your car and learning to live carfree and on a bicycle instead. Covering such important topics as buying a bike, commuting to work, buying gear, carrying groceries and getting healthy, I will be referring to it religiously once I return to Southern California this year. When I lived there before I was carfree and relied on my bike and skateboard to get around. While I plan on getting a car to fix up and restore, my primary source of transportation will be either a bike or a motorcycle, so this guide from Tammy is quite timely for my needs.


And as an environmentalist, I appreciate Tammy’s talk about reducing one’s carbon footprint by trading in their daily commuter car for a bicycle. Even if you live somewhere that going carfree isn’t an option, just taking a few tips from this book can save you money, help you get healthy, and simplify your life just enough to start taking notice of the world around you. Good stuff.

Simple Carfree is on sale for $9.95 for the first 500 people who download the book, and after that the price will go up to $12.99. Either way, it’s a value for those of you looking to go Simply Carfree. Well done, Tammy!

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