Simplenote: My Note-Taking Software Of Choice.

Everyone makes lists. Top 10 lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, bucket lists – we all have scraps of paper laying around the house with all sorts of random info on them. However, earlier this year I went from using small pads of paper to using software to keep track of my lists, and it has helped me to stay organized and actually cross some of the items off my lists! I started off using the program Simplenote just on my iPhone, and it was great – it’s free, simple to use, and did almost everything I needed it to do. But one thing was missing; the ability to sync my notes with my laptop, where I spend all day working. This is usually the time when items that need to be put on a list come into my head, so having that ability was kind of important. Finally, a few months ago, they added syncing and desktop browser plugins, meaning that I can now enter, access, and delete items on my list from anywhere, making my need for paper notepads obsolete.


For free software, it offers a ton of features – syncing, sharing with other people, time travel between old and new notes, search, and encrypted security. I now use Google’s Chrome browser most of the time, and the Simplenote extension works flawlessly on my computer, syncing any changes with my iPhone within minutes. While there are tons of note-taking programs out there, I haven’t found anything that works as well as this one does AND offers syncing between my machines. Just another way I have eliminated paper from my life that I hope helps you out!

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