Separate Yourself From Your Stuff.

You are most definitely not the stuff you own. Not even close. Many people have trouble getting rid of stuff because they have an emotional attachment to it, forgetting one important thing – “it” is a static, non-living item. No matter what “it” is, if it is not another human or an animal, “it” is just a thing. Sure, you can like it, collect it, sell it, do whatever – but it is still just a thing. And to live a happy, comfortable life, you don’t need things – you need a life. One that gives you space to breath; space to discover your true passion; space to take a look around and explore. By trying to create happiness with stuff you are missing out on the very essence of life itself…even without your stuff, you should be able to have a nice life.

No matter what happens, we still have ourselves. Our stuff could disappear, our homes can burn down, we can relocate to a town where we don’t know a soul. But in the end we still have “us”, and as a therapist once told me, “No one and nothing can make you feel abandoned. Only you are possible of doing that“. Truer words were never spoken.

Look closely, even a lizard who wandered in from outside likes my clean, uncluttered setup!

Don’t get me wrong – I like my technology, my couch, my bed, and my books. I like most of my clothes, and I enjoy having a nice place to live. But what I don’t have much use for is just random “stuff” that I hold on to for no apparent reason. What is most important to me is relationships, family, what I do for a living, etc…not items that fill up my home. Having an organized home gives me the time and space to concentrate on those things that bring meaning to my life, rather than having to spend time digging through clutter to find a pair of shoes in the morning!

Having trouble separating yourself from the “stuff” in your life? Try doing the 10 Things Challenge I have been running on the site here, where we get rid of 10 things each week. Take pictures of your mementos to “keep” them around. Find out where the local Goodwill facility is and start donating your items to those less fortunate than yourself. All that stuff taking up space in your life is just stuff – and it’s time to keep your happiness separate from it. Start focusing on what’s truly important. I guarantee you it’s not your knickknacks and clutter!

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