Remove Wax From A Carpet Without Using Harsh Chemicals.

It has happened to everyone – you leave the candle burning for too long, the side falls down, and out pours the wax all over your carpet. (I still remember the big red splotch I left on a carpet in an apartment I rented years ago. Man was that ugly! At the time I had no idea how to get it out, so I left it there and got charged for it.) For most stains like this, you don’t need to go and buy a bottle of toxic cleaner, as there is a completely non-toxic way to remove the candle wax.

Step One: Lay newspaper down on top of the wax and set an iron to low. Wait for it to warm to temperature.

Step Two: Start running it over the newspaper right on top of the wax. Slowly the wax will start melting and get absorbed into the newspaper, lifting up off the carpet. You will see that the majority of the wax and color will come up, but there might be a little residue and color left over – but it will be way better than the big hard chunks of wax that were on the floor before.

You can repeat this a few more times to try to get any residual wax up, and hopefully you will be able to get most of it. But even if there is a tiny bit left, chances are that the toxic cleaners would not get that up either, so you have just spared yourself and your family from more chemicals in the house. Good luck!

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  1. October 10, 2013

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