Read This. And Then Read It Again.

My friend Katie runs a site called NorCal Katie, one of a bunch of different projects she is involved in. This post from a few days ago is important and you should read it once or twice. Whenever I have doubts about making all of this work, I am reminded of my friend Katie, who has an amazing outlook on life after going through a life-altering experience.

“Being deathly sick changed my life in the most profound ways. I changed as a person, as a human living on this planet. It changed the way I think and the filter through which I see the world and act within it. It certainly clarified what I am here for on this planet. Although it drives Mountain Man nuts, I have a morbid premonition that my life won’t be all that long, or not as long as the 96 years I once projected. I think of my health issues as a nod to being alive and a constant reminder of my mortality.

When I was still at my full time corporate job, my intuition sat down next to me on my desk her legs swinging back and forth not touching the ground and said, “You need to take some time off. Do something different.”

“But what?” I asked her. “I can’t just quit my job. How will I make things work?”

She was relentless, sitting and swinging her legs all the time. “You need to do something different. You need to take some time off.” is all she would say to me. Nothing else. No advice. Just direction.

Last time I didn’t listen to her, I almost died. So yeah, I’m all ears now.

Please, check out NorCal Katie. Subscribe, comment, tell her how you feel. You won’t regret it. I know I don’t. I’m still not sure how to make this whole “freelance” thing start paying the rent, but I refuse to give up easily.

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