Products You Should Rent Instead Of Buy To Save Space & Money.

We all have friends who seemingly own every tool, gadget, lawn care machine and snow removal equipment, right? They buy all this stuff and then only use it a few times a year while their garage starts to look like the inside of a Home Depot. Seems like an awful waste of resources to buy all that stuff that is rarely used, only to have to keep it in working condition and stored. Well, in order to reduce clutter and expenses, why not rent those “few times a year” products so you don’t have to maintain or store them? Can you imagine how organized and clean your garage or shed would be if you just rented what you needed instead? Now, I use my TV, my computer, and my dishes every day…but a carpet cleaner? Not so much. So I gave some thought to some of the products I have either bought and/or rented over the years and decided to put them in a post for you guys to comment on and add to. Got items you rent often? Bought products you wish you had rented? Let everyone know in the comments!

Things I could rent if necessary or have rented already instead of buying:

– Carpet/upholstery cleaner
– Large power tools
– Paint sprayer
– A jumpy tent (Ok, not me, some friends)
– Nail gun
– Party supplies
– Most books you would ever want to read
– DVD’s
– Some sports equipment
– Floor sanders
– A bigger car than I need on a daily basis
– Camping gear
– Golf clubs, if you only play a few times a year
– Baby equipment (I really like this idea)
– Garden rototiller
– Fitness equipment
– Back hoe (although, that would be fun to own)

So…what would you add to the list? What am I missing? I have made it my mission now to rent the things I won’t use all the time so I don’t have to waste money or clutter up my living space. What do you think?

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