The Clock Is Running

I came across this the other day and thought you all would enjoy it. No idea where it came from, but worth posting for sure. Make the most of today. ...Read More


We’ve arrived. And so far, after one week, it’s everything we had imagined it could be and hoped it would be. North Bennington is a little village in the Vermont woods, with just a 175 year old coffee shop/deli/mini-mart store, a lawnmower service shop, ...Read More

Simplicity – It’s OK To Curate Your Life.

If you haven’t read this post by Matt Gemmell on his site, I suggest you go there immediately and do so. Almost every point he makes is something I have been concentrating on doing for the past 12 months, and seeing it written down ...Read More

Whoa Doggy! And Some Other News.

OK, it’s been a while. Best-laid plans don’t always work out, and my plans are no exception to this oft-cited rule. Due to a combination of a bad economy, my looking for work, and several other unmentionables, my plan to hit the road with ...Read More

Smartphones Can Replace These Everyday Items

I may have recently written about going back to a simple cellphone instead of my iPhone, but chances are I won’t be doing so anytime soon. I think it hit me the other morning when I realized just how many purposes my phone now ...Read More

Simple Security: Automatic Off-Site Computer Backups

I cannot stress just how important it is to backup your computers often and in multiple places. Computer hard drives fail more often than anyone would like to admit, and having several separate backups of all your important documents, photos, and music can ensure ...Read More

What Exactly Does Simple Living Really Mean?

To live simply means different things to different people, myself included. For example, I am not willing to forgo everyday conveniences like electricity, television, the internet or a few decent items of clothing — but some are. But I am willing to give up ...Read More

Leave Your Phone At Home

Was your initial response to the title of this post one of ghastly horror? I wouldn’t blame you, as the idea of leaving our beloved phones at home when we go out into the world is something we don’t often consider. What if I ...Read More