7 Things To Stop Caring About Today

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The Secret To Finding Meaning In Life

Meaning is different for everyone. I was asked what I thought the meaning of life was when I was young. I said that it was to find your own meaning. I still hold this as my favored view on life now. Each to their ...Read More

How to Stop Procrastinating in 6 Easy Steps

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5 Simple Tips to Get in Shape

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How to Not Judge Other People

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How To Feel Worthy And Empowered

What does it mean to feel worthy and empowered? I used to think it was related to the approval that I gained from other people, and the amount of control I could exercise over my life. Now I tend to think more about being ...Read More

How To Be Beautiful and Your Hair

This is not an article containing tips on how to make your skin glow with radiant tan lotion. Nor is it an endorsement of plastic surgery and extreme makeovers. Quite the opposite. I believe that we must feel beautiful in order to be beautiful, ...Read More