On The Importance Of Choosing A Role Model.

One of the things I have done recently as I make my own journey of leading a more purposeful, simple life is the choosing of a role model. I am not a religious man, and never have been, so I don’t have that singular “thing” to look to for guidance like many people do. It’s just not for me. But what I have decided is that I do need someone to look up to, to mimic, to believe in. I think it gives me more purpose and something better to continuously strive for, and it gives me the ability to have that role model I can believe in. After giving it a lot of thought, I have chosen my grandfather to be my role model, even though he passed away 3 years ago.

My grandfather was a kind-hearted, gentle, quiet man who never seemed to be bothered by the mundane in life like I sometimes am. He let bygones be bygones, took pleasure in working hard his whole life, and had a peaceful way about him that would be hard for anyone to mimic in full. A very good listener and someone who always let you know he loved you, this is the kind of guy that I am going to try to model my life after. Over the years I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and anger, and I am slowly but surely letting go of these things because they serve absolutely no purpose. Taking the time to breathe, to be, to experience the moment is so much better and healthier than how I used to act. And a lot of this I credit to the taking of my grandfather as a role model, as I now take a moment every day to ask myself “What would he do in this situation“?

Having someone to look up to, to model yourself after, and to think about often goes a long way to making your own life more meaningful. I am not talking about athletes, movie or rock stars, or other people that we know nothing about. I am talking about choosing someone that you know first hand, if you can, as it really allows you to know what exactly what kind of role model they are and what you are working towards yourself. For me, this is my grandfather, who I was lucky enough to have in my life for 34 years. What about you?

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