On Taking A Few Minutes Before Getting Out Of Bed.

In the past week, I have been spending more time in bed. Not all day long, mind you, but rather right after I wake up. For most of my life, I always bounded out of bed the minute my alarm went off or the sun came up. But no more – I have found that by staying in bed for 20-30 minutes after I wake up helps me do some rational thinking without the distractions of the computer, radio, TV, books, or just everyday life. I wake up, stare at the ceiling, and spend some time with my thoughts rather than waking up and running from them.

We rarely get a few minutes to actually think during our days, and I have found this time in the morning invaluable to my mental well-being. Granted, I have the luxury of getting up whenever I feel like it (I don’t even have a clock in my bedroom), but I imagine I would try to have this routine even if I had to get up for work every day. It gives me time to think about what I need to do this week, what blog topics I may feel like writing about, what may have happened yesterday, or what may be eating at me at the time. Without this time, I feel as though I would be ignoring the important stuff while dealing only with the day to day b.s. – and now I feel addicted to this short “break” in the morning.

Now, my bedroom is pretty simple – I have 4 things in it, which helps me to stay relaxed and at ease in the room. I have a bed, 2 side tables, and a dresser. The walls are white, the bedding is white, I have huge windows facing east to get the sun at sunrise, and the floor is nicely carpeted. It’s a pretty serene place, and one that has allowed me to start spending some time with my thoughts.

I recommend you do the same, if you can. It may just change your life.

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