Office Supply Stores Now Offering Shredding Services.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a shredder at my house. I have had several of them, each one getting progressively bigger and more powerful. The one I currently have is as big as a regular trash can and sits dormant 95% of the time in a closet. Since I am pretty much paperless here at home with my Evernote setup and all my bills being automatically and online, I don’t really use the shredder that much anymore. And because I am on a quest to get rid of everything in my house/life that doesn’t serve some sort of purpose, I have been contemplating getting rid of it – but then I wondered about when I actually had something to shred. Should I bring it over to a friends house who has a shredder? Should I spend 20 minutes with a pair of scissors and a cross-cut pattern? I remember back when I worked in the corporate world there were shredding companies that would drive up to your office and take all the documents to be shredded out to the parking lot, where they would make mince meat out of all your secrets. But there was nothing for the little guy who works at home…until now.

Seems OfficeMax decided there was a market for small-scale shredding services, and I am very glad to hear it! On January 5th they announced that Shred-it, an information security company, would be “providing secure document destruction service to consumers and small businesses alike. Beginning in January, OfficeMax will offer the Shred-it document destruction program at nearly all of the company’s more than 1,000 stores nationwide as part of its OfficeMax ImPress(R) suite of in-store print and document services.” Sweet! Pricing for the new service is determined by weight of the materials to be shredded: $.59 per pound for up to five pounds, $.49 per pound for six to ten pounds, and $.39 per pound for 11 pounds and above.

You know what this does? It lets me get rid of a giant machine in my house that rarely gets used.

I can now keep just a single folder in my small file cabinet that is designated “Shred”. Once it is full, I can truck on over to OfficeMax (and likely other stores, once they get wind) and have them do the work for me for a few bucks every few months. And that’s one more thing out of my house that I no longer have to maintain, store, or move – just the way I want it!

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