My Simple, Organized…Dish Rag Drawer?

Yes, I have OCD of some sort…even my dish rags and paper towel replacements are folded neatly in a drawer. Who wants to desperately be looking for one when you spill coffee all over the kitchen? 🙂


In all seriousness, keeping them like this does a few things for me:

1. Let’s me know when I am getting close to not having any more rags and I need to do laundry
2. Enables me to always have a rag on hand for any accidents in the house
3. Allows me to skip out on buying paper towels and instead reuse cloth over and over again

I used to have paper towels in the house when I had my cat, but since I put him to sleep a few weeks ago I no longer needed them. If I get another one, might have to go back to keeping a roll in the house, but for now – no more paper! My neatly folded dishrags will have to suffice.


Are you as OCD as me?

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