My Simple, Organized, Clutter-Free Desktop.

Some of you will hate me for this and some of you will appreciate it, but I wanted to show you guys what the desktop of my laptop (main computer) looks like…or rather, doesn’t look like. See, I don’t keep anything on the desktop other than a Dateline calendar and a few small icons in the menubar. I really hate clutter (even though I am getting rid of 10 Things a week, I still keep a pretty sparse, neat house) – and my computer is no exception. Here is a screenshot of the desktop without the dock even showing:

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Up in the menubar, I have found the simplest icons I could for Dropbox, Xmarks for syncing my bookmarks, Notify to monitor my Gmail account, Evernote for web clippings/notetaking, and then a few of the standard Apple items. And while I do use the Dock for my most commonly-used applications, I keep it hidden because, well, it’s an eyesore. Here is what the desktop looks like with the Dock showing:

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In the Dock, I keep the following easily available: Finder, Dashboard, Hulu, Adium, SMCFan Control, Airfoil, Tweetie, Evernote, EventBox, Firefox, Safari, Address Book, Preview, iTunes, iPhoto, Image Well, Open Office, Transmit (FTP client), Photoshop, Dreamweaver, System Preferences. That’s pretty much everything I use on a daily basis, so everything else stays hidden away in the Applications folder until I need it.

In my mind, having a clutter-free computer makes me more efficient (and also makes me calmer). What do you think? Does your computer look something like this, or do you have tons of folders all over the desktop?

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