My Minimalist Computer Setup Is Complete.

I have written many times about how I was trying to simplify my computing setup, and I have finally finished. I sold my MacPro Tower for $1,000, and have consolidated everything down to my MacBook Pro laptop. This includes every single CD I own – all my music is now inside the laptop as well, and I have gotten rid of all but my favorite physical CD’s. I now have 1 computer, 1 external monitor, and 1 backup drive. Done. No more trying to move files from computer to computer, maintaining weird syncing of contacts and bookmarks, and no more trying to remember which computer held what information. Plus, my sole computer can now come with me no matter where I go, so I always have everything I need.


I have a new wireless Bluetooth mouse, the Apple wireless keyboard, my Western Digital Passport Drive, and my Dell external monitor. No more 50 pound computer sitting on the floor! Having a single portable computer, with wireless peripherals, has definitely cleaned up my desk and simplified my daily life. Hurray for simplicity!

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