It’s All Too Much

Add up the constant barrage of information most of us are bombarded with and is it any wonder that we can’t sleep, we can’t concentrate, we can’t stick with things, we can’t make a choice, we can’t ever be satisfied? That we turn to shopping, consuming, and eating to make us happy? It’s all too much:

Garbage Television
Google +
Electronic Billboards
Garbage Movies
Talentless Music
RSS Readers
Breaking News

When does it end? Where does it stop? I’m just as guilty as the next guy to get into that “information consumption” race that goes on every hour of every day. Constantly clicking from one link to another to Twitter to email; AHHHHHHHHH

A long while back I wrote about taking a digital sabbatical once in a while, and I wanted to bring that up again. Today I found myself overwhelmed by all the reading, writing, and commenting I was trying to keep up with for hours on end since 9:30 this morning. After reaching 2:30 without stopping for lunch, I realized what I was doing and finally put the computer to sleep, walked over to my Eames lounger, and took a cat nap.

It was a fantastic 25 minutes.

Let’s face it; nothing that most of us are doing all day is life-savingly important. Let’s start treating it that way if we can. Take a break. Go outside for 10 minutes. Read some fiction. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. (OK, don’t do that) Get on your bike. Pour some coffee.

Do something, anything, other than consuming for a few minutes every once in a while. Pull a reality check on yourself and what you are doing.

Your sanity along with your blood pressure will thank you.

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