iBought An iPad, And iReturned It.

I thought I would find a use for it – I really did. I have used Apple products for as long as I can remember, and my computer setup consists of a MacBook Pro and my iPhone. When the iPad was announced, I figured it would fill a nice gap between the two – for using the internet on the couch, responding to emails without booting up the laptop, watching a movie in bed, etc.. But after owning it for 1 week, I returned it to the Apple store and got my $500 back. Now, before anyone says anything, it really is/was a cool product and I am positive that in some circles it will be a groundbreaking computing experience. Schools, hospitals, business conventions, software developers, or for the average person just looking for something to email with, the iPad makes a great gadget. For someone like me, however, who needs the power of a laptop to do his actual work all day, the iPad turned out to be just one more product that needed maintenance/syncing/charging in my house. And after working hard to simplify my computing experience, the iPad wasn’t going to offer anything new that I didn’t already have access to.


For some, it will be very useful. For me, it wasn’t. To each their own, and I hope those who buy them find great uses for them as I do believe that a tablet-type computer is definitely the computer of the future and will play a major role in our lives.

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