How To Surround Yourself With Passionate People

Life cannot be lived alone. We need other people to fuel our passions, to share our excitements and our energy with. We must learn to surround ourselves with passionate people, so that we can excel in life, and so that we can enjoy our social interactions. Sometimes we can find ourselves in the company of people who do not inspire us, and that drain our energy when we spend time with them. While it is important to remain compassionate, it is equally important to take steps to find depth in our social life.

The best friends I have are passionate people. They want to make the most of life, and of every moment in it. They like to learn, to think, to analyze, to play, to laugh. They give us ideas, they spark off debate, and as a group we fuel each other’s fires. This is how social interactions can be if we manage to surround ourselves with people who make us tick, and detach ourselves from people who make us stick.

Detach From Those Who Drain You

We do not have to totally cut out people who are a drain on our energy. We should offer support for loved ones who have lost their way. Our time matters to us though, and we need to be fulfilled in our social interactions. Spend less time with people who are not passionate, and you free up more time for people who are. Remember; relationships are not an obligation, they are a choice.

Instead move towards finding people who are passionate about life. Some people you already know might be passionate people, so be sure to let good friends know what you think, and to make an effort to see them so that you can really tuck in to some inspirational conversation together. It is not difficult to identify someone who has passion; they bring inspiration and new ideas to the table, conversation becomes riveting, philosophies develop out of simple statements, and life is seen as one big journey. Passionate people want to take things to the next level. Identify who holds this passion in your life and spend more time with them.

Finding Passionate People

Sometimes, if our social group has become really stale, and is not providing inspiration from any direction, we must seek out new interactions. We must find where the passion is kept. A change of environment might be what we need. Sometimes this can be minor, other times drastic. One of my favorite environments for meeting passionate people is traveling. On the road you tend to bump into many people who are bursting at the rim. They love the world, for all the pain and joy it contains, and they want to see all of it. You can’t get much more passionate than that. Other drastic options include moving house, though this is more feasible for some than it is for others.

We must understand what our own passions are if we want to find passionate people, especially those who share similar passions. We need to know what makes us tick. When we know this we should act on it, and put our passion into play. When we follow our passions we will inevitably meet more people who share them; because passionate people want to follow their dreams.

We can be very deliberate about finding passionate people. Try to join clubs that offer environments to learn and to develop skills with a group. It could be a new hobby, or a favorite old past time. There are groups for just about everything these days so it won’t be hard to find something. Attend talks on your favorite subjects, speeches, and conferences. It is a matter of finding stimulating environments; they are stimulating because they are centered around being so, and they are fused with the life of passionate people. Groups also exist online, and can satisfy our need to find people who are passionate about our causes. I personally find real life interaction much more rewarding, but online we have the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world, giving us more passion than we could ever imagine, at the click of a button.

You Must Be Passionate Too

As long as we are passionate in our own life, then we will attract passionate people into it. This is because if we are really passionate we will seek an environment that stimulates us, and other like minded people will seek it too. If we are passionate we will also be able to communicate openly and bring out passion in other people.

So it is no good sitting being dull, expecting passionate people to enter our life on a carriage and bubble us over with inspiration. We must first be passionate in ourselves, and our own lives, and learn to love and express it. Then we will be a beacon of passion, and will find ourselves in the midst of other passionate people.