How to Find the Perfect Job

Are you stuck in a job that just doesn’t bring you want you want or need? In the long term jobs should bring happiness. Yes, there, I said it, and I do believe it. That is not to say you shouldn’t be content with what you have, or ungrateful for where you are. But we can strive for more. Not for everything, we can’t have it all, but what we can ask for is to be happy in our job; we do after all spend enough time doing it.

Figure out what you want to do

There are many different ideas of what a perfect job is. Every individual strives for a certain something in their work, whether it be responsibility, a certain lifestyle that goes along with it, or a job that helps us to express our interests. Different people also have different ideas of how much money they would be happy earning, and this is a factor, although it should not be the only focus.

When deciding what your own definition of a perfect job is there is only one thing to bear in mind; that the decision should be your own, based on what you believe you would be happy doing. Think about your skills and passions, and most importantly what you enjoy to do. Try to aim for a job that gives you as much of what you think is important as possible, and preferably one that plays to your natural strengths, and to your natural pleasures. If you like people, make sure you work with people, if you like nothing more than cooking food, then consider your options as a chef. Whatever it is the choice should always be yours.

Weigh up the options

Once you have thought enough about what areas and jobs could be right for you, it is time to begin to weigh up the options. This is a process of turning a very wide idea into a series of options which can actually be physically followed up on. If you decide you would enjoy cooking food then think about all the avenues, potential businesses, and courses that could boost your profile. Start to shortlist businesses that you might be happy to work at. If you have multiple ideas of what could make you happy in a job then this is fine also, and ultimately gives you more options. Still try to weigh up what jobs are actually available, and think about all options until a realistic shortlist can be created.

Make a plan

Getting a perfect job is going to require action, motivation, and commitment. It is time to make a plan. SMART planning is the best way to go, and is a tried and tested method of making sure plans involve truly attainable goals. The SMART way of goal setting encourages you to set goals that are specific enough, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted. In the case of getting a job this means setting a plan, flexible as always, that lays out tactics for active job seeking.

The plan should lay out chosen ideas from the shortlist; businesses that you want to apply for, time slots for working on social networking and profiles, resume writing, and anything else that might be useful for finding the perfect job.

Job search

The search. This is it. You have thought about what you want, you have made a plan, and now you have to have the courage to follow it through.

  • Job applications- Traditional job applications are not obsolete, and the foundation of the job search is still in posting out as many high quality resumes as possible. Each one should be unique and well tailored to the specific company. Spam applications are very unlikely to succeed so dedicate time to writing good resumes. Keep up a good volume of applications and be prepared for rejection, and from doubt when companies do not get back to you. Just keep it up, both online, and with paper applications, and eventually one will fall through.
  • Get qualified- it will depend on the job, and the level of expertise you already have in the area, but if the job change is quite dramatic it might be necessary to gain some extra qualifications or work experience. Do some research and understand the usual requirements for a certain job. If you are under-qualified compared to other applicants then you may have to work on it. Don’t let this put you off; remember that getting the perfect job is a long term endeavor, and will be worth it in the end.
  • Online presence- In an age where social media is such a powerful driving force many companies do a lot of their recruitment online. A company may advertise positions on their social media sites, such as twitter. Keeping an eye out on dream companies could help you spot an opportunity. Depending on the industry it will be of varying importance to you uphold your own social presence, by having strong, professional networking profiles, tweeting actively, perhaps blogging, and getting involved in recruitment platforms like Linkedin.

Whatever your perfect job might be, I hope that these tips can help you find it. Always stay positive, and know that your efforts will be rewarded. If you love what you do it will happen for you.