How Long Can You Go Without Spending Money?

Keeping money in your bank or wallet is a sure way of living simply; but just how long can you go? One day? Three days? I have trouble, to be honest, even going one day without finding something to spend a buck on. As much as I try to not spend money, somehow I end up doing so anyway! I am not talking about bills that get paid on certain dates and stuff like that; rather, I am talking about a person’s own version of “petty cash”. Take today, for instance. All I did was head out to pick up the mail and buy some gas, as there is a winter storm arriving right now. (Gas doesn’t count in this equation, it’s a necessity) I was not planning on spending any money today at all…and then I saw him – the guy selling the paper on the side of the road. I normally buy from the same kid every week, so I automatically drove over to him and gave him my $1. So much for not spending any money!

Somehow, someway, money finds its way out of my pocket almost every day, even if it is only in tiny amounts like the newspaper example. Basically, I feel as though I have to stay in my house in order to avoid spending any money! I always read about people doing experiments in not spending money for X amount of days and I wonder how they do it. Are you able to go days without spending any cash at all, other than on absolute necessities?

I want to hear from you guys about this. Do you do it? Can you do it? Have you tried and failed miserably? Any tips and advice you can give me (and other readers) on getting through a few days in a row without spending a dime would be really helpful. I am not thinking about this because I need the money; but rather I see it as a challenge for myself. Any help you can offer would be great!

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