Having Order Is A Hallmark Of Living A Simple Life.

No need to be a tyrant to your family about it, but having things kept in their place does help one to live a simple life. While I have written in the past about my learning to NOT get wrapped up in a few things being out of place here and there, knowing where your belongings are surely simplifies things around your home. How many times have you known that you owned something, only to find yourself at the store buying a new one because you couldn’t find the one you already own? I am sure many times – we all have. That’s why it is so important to have a place for everything and to have everything in it’s place…how else could you possibly live in a 392 square-foot house? (Yea, I couldn’t either.) But really, there is a lesson to learn from people who do choose to live in homes that small, in that they know where everything they own is and they do not keep and store anything that they do not need. That is certainly an example of having order in your life!

Too many people buy bigger houses just to keep their stuff or they pay for storage because they cannot bear to get rid of anything. This is not a healthy way to live, as I believe that having that much extra “stuff” only clutters your mind as well as your closet space. How can you concentrate on anything important when you are feeling so closed-in by your belongings? I know I couldn’t, and I am still in the process of slimming down my belongings even further. While I know where 99% of my stuff is in the house, I do know that I have too much – and I am taking steps to whittle it down to the essentials only. The more items we own, the more time we have to invest in taking on the storage, cleaning, maintenance, and the more hide-and-seek we have to play just to use said items. No thanks! I want to have just the things I need to live the kind of life I want to live, and anything more than that is just clutter. Having order in your home, your head, and amongst your belongings definitely helps simplify things!

I just want to know where everything is at any moment – time wasted looking for things is time I could be spending on a hobby or for myself. And when you have too much stuff, that can never be possible. Which brings me to you – are you organized and orderly at home? Do you have too much stuff that you are in the process of eliminating in order to be more organized? Or can you live a simple life surrounded by your “stuff” and clutter? Let’s hear about your experience in the comments!

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