Goodbye, Facebook.

About a month ago I closed my Facebook account. After spending months thinking about it while always wasting time checking it throughout the day (for what, I don’t know), I decided it was time to close it. I tried digital sabbaticals and it wasn’t enough — so now it’s gone. And what I have I missed ever since I did?

Absolutely nothing.

I no longer hear from someone I once knew in 8th grade about their child’s first poop in the toilet. I am no longer bombarded with Farmville requests, Mafia Wars invites, or unknowingly (and without permission) tagged in someone’s terribly embarrassing photo album from college. I no longer have to be a “fan” of something in order to read an article. I no longer have to watch as people I really don’t know update me with ground-breakingly important status updates like “Going to the mall!” or “Loving these new socks!” or “I hate my haircut.” It’s all a waste of time and I am done with it; I have better things to do with any free time I do have to myself. Want to cut out the clutter and the fat and live simply? Get rid of Facebook. It’s amazing how freeing it is and just how much of your time it takes up.

Facebook is designed (and free for you to use because of it) to be a narcissistic website which uses your personal information in order to market and sell stuff to you. Email lists, contacts, “Likes”, photographs — all of this is being used by Facebook and marketers in order to learn more about you… and then to try to get you to buy stuff. Add in the fact that Facebook shares your home numbers, email addresses, home addresses, spouses name, children’s names, etc. with the rest of the world, and, well, any sense of privacy you think you have doesn’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong — I truly enjoy hearing from those who read my websites the same as I hope the authors of the sites I read enjoy hearing from me. But Facebook isn’t real, it’s not honest, it’s not a good use of time. I found myself checking it off and on all day long, only to find out that someone named Joey had a salad for lunch. That doesn’t make Joey my friend; it makes him someone who is sucking time and energy right out of my life.

I talk to my real life friends in my real life. I correspond with blog readers either through the comment sections or via email. But Facebook? It’s filled with 99% nonsense that I have to weed through to find the 1% of good stuff. My Simple.Organized.Life. is going to be without the filler and only with the good stuff. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the noise which is filling up social media like I am, I suggest taking a break (or a permanent vacation from) Facebook. It’s amazing what you don’t miss at all and all that you gain back.

Want to get in touch? Want to be friends? Shoot me an email or leave a comment; let’s have a real conversation. Goodbye Facebook — it’s been “fun.”

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