‘Get Organized’ Forms Available For Free Use In Google Docs

If you are not using Google Docs for all your document needs, you are missing out. I rarely, if ever, use my Word or Open Office anymore – I just write and store my documents right inside my Gmail account. (It’s very clutter-free and organized to work in the cloud as much as possible!) I do my budget, my business accounting, ad tracking, general writing and much more all inside Docs so I can access them from anywhere on any computer. It’s quite a good way to stay organized and keep things simple at home! Here are just a few of the forms/documents available for free inside Google Docs…

Family Budget Planner

To Do List

Shared House Expenses

Event/Wedding Guest List

Tabular Travel Itinerary

There are literally thousands of templates for use in Google Docs. If you aren’t using it yet, you are definitely missing out on some great free tools. I live my entire online life inside Google, and GDocs is definitely a big part of it!

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