Finally Cleaned Out The Bathroom Closet.

I finally took our bathroom closet to task after ignoring it for far too long. Years of packing it up, moving it, and putting everything right back on the shelves was becoming too much of a mental burden every time I needed a band-aid, so I took everything out and started over. That closet has held many, many years of expired medicine to be kept “just in case”; ripped towels that should have been moved to the garage to mop up spills; 8 old toothbrushes for cleaning grout and bad stains on clothes; and multiple bathroom “tchotchkes” that haven’t been displayed forever. Why have we been holding on to all this stuff? It’s amazing what you can manage to keep in your life when it is hidden away behind closet doors. (Well, in this case, a curtain – but you know what I mean.) So much of everyone’s “stuff” is held behind closed doors where it is easy to forget about, but I couldn’t forget about this anymore – so I cleaned it all out.

Here is what I got rid of:

  • 6 old toothbrushes. I cut the bristles off and sent them to the recycling bin; kept 2 for cleaning
  • 2 sets of sheets that didn’t fit any beds in our house. Where they came from I don’t know, but I donated them to the free box in town.
  • 5 nearly empty bottles of body lotion, shampoo, etc.
  • 5 ripped & stained towels, which were sent to the garage for use as rags.
  • An entire shoebox full of years-old prescription medicine. While most pills last way longer than the expiration date says they do (ask your doctor, it’s true), these have been traveling with us for years. Sayanora old medicine!
  • A old ripped vinyl shower curtain. (Don’t buy vinyl, buy cotton, hemp, or at least polyester!)
  • A bed skirt from a full size bed.
  • 2 nearly empty bottles Seventh Generation cleaning products
  • 3-year old sunscreen.
  • Shards of decorative glass
  • A few ugly vases
  • A wooden tray
  • One of those cheap Q-Tip holders

And here is what it looks like now (I forgot to take a pic beforehand):

All said and done I got rid of quite a lot of stuff…and I was left with an organized, clutter-free bathroom closet. The only thing not in the picture is a box of cosmetics on the top shelf and our cleaning products under the kitchen sink. No more panicking when looking for some toilet paper! Do you have one of these clutter closets? 🙂 Do tell!

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