Downsizing My Wallet To A Money Clip.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a wallet in my back pocket full of all sorts of stuff – multiple credit cards, business cards, insurance cards, actual money, phone numbers, receipts, etc.. – and I am done with it. I am done carrying around stuff I rarely, if ever, need when I am out and about just because it fits in my wallet. Full wallets in your back pocket are bad for your back and a target for thieves, so 2 weeks ago I downsized to just a simple money clip with just the bare essentials in it. Here is what my full-size wallet looked like:


And here is what my money clip looks like in comparison:

money clip

Looks a lot smaller, right? It fits in my front pocket, where it is less likely to get stolen or cause me back problems down the line. And it only contains those things I might need on a daily basis:

1. Some money
2. Debit card
3. Credit card
4. License
5. Health insurance card (which I won’t need in a few days, as losing my insurance and going without)
6. 1 business card

That’s it! All my other stuff is at home in the safe that I used to carry around with me, as I always have my iPhone for contact information, access to Evernote and Dropbox for documents and files, and receipts just come home with me to be scanned into the computer and shredded that day. No more bulky wallet, no more carrying around more than I need, and no more chances of being pickpocketed. Ah, simplicity…

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