Cleaning Out The Clutter Under The Kitchen Sink.

If you are anything like me (are you?) you are good at keeping clutter out of sight…but not as good as eliminating it in those hidden locations. A few weeks ago I wrote about cleaning out the bathroom closet, which was another case of “what I cannot see, I do not mind” – except I have started to! I go around looking in closets and cabinets, telling myself I need to go back to clean it out asap, and I finally got around to doing underneath my kitchen sink. I didn’t take a before picture, as I never remember that I could possibly use stuff like this for blog posts, but I did manage to take one after I had organized it all, and I will post it below. I hadn’t cleaned out this area since I moved in back in December, so it was a long time coming. First of all, what was underneath my kitchen sink?

Tons of rags for cleaning up messes. I try not to use paper towels at all, so I have plenty of rags under the sink just in case. However, some were clean and some were dirty – so I took them all out, threw away the disgusting ones, washed the rest, and folded them neatly to go back under the counter.

Two empty bottles of dish soap, a destroyed sponge, and a broken bottle of hand soap. Why was I keeping these? I have no idea! But they were taking up space, leaking a little, and just looked horrible under there. So I sent the plastic to the recycling bin and the sponge to the trash.

A toilet scrubber. Huh? How did that get under there?

Plastic and paper bags. I do sometimes forget my reusable bags and end up with random paper and plastic. I organized these as best as I could, and got rid of any of them that had gotten gross by being under there for so long.

The last tenants bottle of dish soap. Dis-gus-ting. But yet, I left it under there for 9 months!

Spray cleaners. Well, these I use and need, so they can stay.

A plastic tub with sponges, scrubbers, and a bar of hand soap. This too can stay, as this stuff is perfectly fine and brand new.

Somehow over the course of 9 months, underneath my kitchen sink had become a place even my cat wouldn’t venture. It smelled funny, it was disorganized and cluttered, and no one knew what was under each layer of “stuff”. But that has all changed now…voila!:

There you go – a thing of beauty! Now I want to show all my house guests how neat and tidy under my sink is! I feel so much better knowing that everything in there is necessary and has a home – I cannot wait to move to another cabinet. So if you are having that cluttered feeling in the kitchen, start with an “under the sink” cleanout. It does wonders for your psyche!

  1. August 7, 2009
  2. August 7, 2009

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