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All You Can Do Is Try.

What’s the worst that could happen, you don’t succeed? Will the world end because of it? I doubt it. Besides, if you never try than you never will even have the chance to succeed at all. And that is not a way to go ...Read More

10 Ways To Simplify Your Life Starting Today.

Sure, there are plenty of self-help books, blogs, and seminars you can check out in order to help simplify your life…but many of them take a long time and a lot of practice to implement. What if you want just a few easy changes ...Read More

How I Live My Simple Life.

I have gotten a few emails lately asking about different aspects of my Simple. Organized. Life. Questions about my income, about where I live, what I do for entertainment, and what kind of car I drive. So I figured I would put together a ...Read More

No One Cares About You.

Well, not exactly. What I mean is that no one of any importance is really judging you, even if you think they are. So many walk around with this preconceived notion that they are being evaluated and judged by other people…and actually caring that ...Read More

Summertime Early-Evening Ice Cream.

Do you remember when you were a kid when your parents took you for ice cream on an early summer evening? If not, you really missed out. I remember it being around dusk but still very warm outside, and we headed to the giant ...Read More

Slow Is Beautiful.

Portions of this post were originally published on my other site The Good Human back in 2007, but I thought the book should definitely be mentioned here as well. One of my favorite books of all time is “Slow is Beautiful – New Visions ...Read More