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Separate Yourself From Your Stuff.

You are most definitely not the stuff you own. Not even close. Many people have trouble getting rid of stuff because they have an emotional attachment to it, forgetting one important thing – “it” is a static, non-living item. No matter what “it” is, ...Read More

Use GMail? Go Minimal With Helvetical.

My entire online life is with Google right now, and as much as I love GMail, I am not a fan of the way it looks on the screen. It’s very “blah” and kind of cluttered as an email program, but in doing a ...Read More

Stop Making Plans.

OK, not entirely – but you shouldn’t be only concentrating on the future while you are living in the today. Too many people are unhappy in life because they are never “accomplishing” their “goals” that they are constantly setting for themselves day in and ...Read More

The Simple Things Volume Ten.

“The Simple Things” is a regular feature here, on no set schedule, of links around the internet I have found to be inspiring and/or fun to read. Each time I put one of these posts up I will include a picture from my own ...Read More

What Simple Living Means To Me Right Now.

While I am on my way back from vacation, hope you can find some enjoyment in this article that was originally posted back in January. Look for all new articles starting next week – lots to tell! To live simply means different things to ...Read More

How I Began To Simplify My Life.

This is a guest post from my friend Jesse over at Slowing Down. I admit, when David asked if I was interested in writing a guest post for Simple.Organized.Life. I jumped at the chance. Then, once I sat down to think about what to ...Read More

Using A Traffic Jam To Your Advantage.

For the first time in a long time, I sat in traffic today. They are paving a section of road here in town, and while every time I drive by they are in a different area, it seems to be taking them forever. Today ...Read More

On Slowing Down And Enjoying Life.

Life is what is happening to you RIGHT NOW – not what happened yesterday or even what might happen tomorrow. It’s going on right now and the last thing you want to do is miss it! Did you rush off to work this morning ...Read More