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3 Week Road Trip & What Did I Miss? Nothing.

I just returned from a 3 week long road trip from Colorado to Massachusetts to Florida and back to Colorado. Before I left, I set up all my bills to be paid automatically, I turned off and unplugged everything in my house, and asked ...Read More

Care Less, Want Not.

You’ve heard the expression before, but have you really given it some thought? I hadn’t until just a short time ago when I started realizing that the less I cared about “stuff” the less I wanted of it. Sounds obvious, right? Well, you would ...Read More

All I Want For Christmas Is…

this wood bench. Simple, beautiful, made from real wood, and inexpensive. How can you beat that? This would look fantastic at the foot of my bed, now that my bedroom is just about finished and organized the way I want it. Next week, I ...Read More

Walking Vs. Driving: My Move To The City.

I had totally forgotten what a pleasure it is to be able to walk everywhere. When I lived in California, I was blocks away from shopping, dining, and the ocean, and it allowed me to live without a car for a few years. Everything ...Read More

Driving With The Radio Off.

The other day I wrote a post called “Regain Your Focus By Taking A Break” and my friend Jesse from The simple art of living simply left a comment on it that really struck a chord with me. He said that 2 years ago ...Read More

The Simple Things Volume Ten.

Wow, how did that happen? I haven’t done a roundup of some favorite posts since August! Sorry about that, will try to get back on a regular schedule with The Simple Things. As in the past, again I will feature a picture that depicts ...Read More