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Simple Living And Voluntary Simplicity.

It is whatever you make it, really. Like sitting on the floor with a laptop computer as your source of entertainment? That’s simple living. Prefer to be surrounded by your favorite books and having your weeks scheduled in advance? That’s simple living. If whatever ...Read More

What Kind Of Life Do I Want To Lead?

Decisions, Decisions. I have written before about the simple life I was living in New Mexico and how much I enjoyed it. Quiet, slow days…no traffic…local foods. One major downside? Boredom that came along quite often. But for the most part, living quietly in ...Read More

Simple Is…

A duffel bag, a laptop computer, and an iPhone. That’s what I left home with 6 days ago and will continue to live out of for another 8 days. What is the point of all that stuff back in my apartment if I can ...Read More