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There Are No Do-Overs

While you can usually change your mind once you’ve started something, the fact remains that in the end there are no “life do-overs” for anyone. There are no second chances at life. You can change direction, forge a new path, or reinvent yourself several ...Read More

Goodbye, Facebook.

About a month ago I closed my Facebook account. After spending months thinking about it while always wasting time checking it throughout the day (for what, I don’t know), I decided it was time to close it. I tried digital sabbaticals and it wasn’t ...Read More

Where Have You Been?

So, what’s going on, Man? I have gotten a few of these emails lately, so figured I would write up something real quick to answer the question… Well, let me tell you – things are a-changing over here and in my life at this ...Read More

Simple Travel: Across America Via Amtrak

Ahh, the American countryside. Sure, you can fly over it in a man-made cylinder of nuts and bolts at 500 mph, jammed in your seat like you’re riding a crowded bus in Bangladesh, but why do that when we have a pretty decent railway ...Read More

What Simplicity And Minimalism Isn’t About…

It’s not about “inbox zero”. It’s not about owning only 100 items. It’s not about living in an empty house devoid of any personality at all. It’s not about perfection. It’s not about having a complicated system in place to deal with your email. ...Read More

Disposable Living Is Not Simple Living.

When we consume for the sake of consuming, rather than being smart about how we do it, this is what we end up with: This stuff never goes “away” – there is no away. It just goes somewhere else to become someone else’s problem ...Read More