Self-Improvement Archive

5 Simple Tips to Get in Shape

To live a happy, healthy life it is important to value physical health, and to make changes pertaining to a greater physical well-being. Getting in shape may be high on your agenda or it may not have crossed your mind recently. Whether you want ...Read More

How to Not Judge Other People

Judgement is something that plagues social relations, and the human psyche. Many of us make judgements about other people, often for no real reason other than to make ourselves feel better. What we do not often realize is that judgement is actually reflective of ...Read More

How To Feel Worthy And Empowered

What does it mean to feel worthy and empowered? I used to think it was related to the approval that I gained from other people, and the amount of control I could exercise over my life. Now I tend to think more about being ...Read More

How To Be Beautiful and Your Hair

This is not an article containing tips on how to make your skin glow with radiant tan lotion. Nor is it an endorsement of plastic surgery and extreme makeovers. Quite the opposite. I believe that we must feel beautiful in order to be beautiful, ...Read More

8 Simple Ways to Make Someone Feel Special

There has never been a better time to make other people feel special than right now. This can be done in many ways, simple, and often as effective as a small gesture, a little bit of assurance, or a nice comment. Making others feel ...Read More

Ways to Overcome Anger

We all know that feeling. Everything was going well, life felt rosy, the sun was shining. Then all hell broke loose in a second and before you knew it the sales man was told some nasty things that really, despite his incessant, unadulterated sales ...Read More

How to Turn a Bad Day Around

A bad day can start as easily as a missed train, having no milk for a coffee in the morning, or from a stub of the toe upon waking. Sometimes it feels like we have simply gotten up on the wrong side of the ...Read More

How to Improve Self Esteem

Whatever we do in life our own measure of self-esteem will affect it. This is because we radiate our own self image in the way we talk, act and move, and other people are extremely receptive to it. Self-esteem however, differs from having confidence. ...Read More