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Stop It With The Catalogs Already!

The original version of this article was posted over at My Two Dollars about 2 years ago. One of the ways that retailers used to trick me out of my money would be to send countless catalogs straight into my home, day-in and day-out. ...Read More

Finally Cleaned Out The Bathroom Closet.

I finally took our bathroom closet to task after ignoring it for far too long. Years of packing it up, moving it, and putting everything right back on the shelves was becoming too much of a mental burden every time I needed a band-aid, ...Read More

Do You Keep All Of Your Magazine Back Issues?

I used to be a magazine hoarder. I saved, stored, and moved hundreds of magazines around with me for years because I might get around to reading them again. What if I needed this article some time in the future? Don’t all those magazines ...Read More

Why Wedding Gift Registries Lead To Clutter.

Weddings are great…but sometimes the stuff you get for your wedding just ends up being in storage for the next 40 years. A lot of people (myself included, I am not letting myself off the hook here!) register for everything under the sun when ...Read More

Evernote Is Decluttering My Life.

I cannot believe I have not used this product before last week. Wow, just wow. If you have never heard of Evernote, you are going to want to investigate it very soon. Basically, it’s a free (there is a paid version which has a ...Read More

Organizing Your Audio & Video Media.

When I was in my twenties, I think I bought every CD that came out. By the time I hit 30, I had amassed hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of CD’s…and displayed them proudly in several gigantic bookcase racks, in alphabetical order. They looked ...Read More