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6 Ways to Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreams. Everyone has them. Some people have the ability to transform their dreams into reality. The difference between someone who dreams, and someone who can make dreams a reality is vast, but the gap is easily bridged. After dreaming should come doing. Doing is ...Read More

How To Improve Your Finances In 10 Easy Steps

If your anything like me you probably spend at least a little time every day worrying about finances. You probably would also rather, given the option, worry a little less about them, and free up some energy to think about something else. Here are ...Read More

How To Balance Your Life

Balance. If there was one word that could sum up how to live a good life “balance” could be the all encompassing term. Balance never says never. It never says always either. It tries not to emphasize one area of life over another. It ...Read More

8 Ways To Become Incredibly Sexy

Okay, I do not profess to being the sexiest man alive, and my definition of sexy may be different to yours. I think everyone has a different kind of sexy they can settle into. I know my own success came when I managed some ...Read More

Tips on How to De-clutter and Purge Your Home

Physical clutter is an unnecessary memoir of your days as a mindless consumer. As you start to see the benefits of a life of minimalism, it is likely that you will need to de-clutter your home, to adjust to your new lifestyle and philosophies. ...Read More

9 Things That Kill Your Work Productivity

Life is all about balance, but when you want to get the job done it is important to work hard towards your goals. Distractions can be all around us, especially if we are not in a productive mood. There are some ways to stay ...Read More

9 Ways To Live A More Compassionate Lifestyle

There is more to compassion than being nice; although that constitutes a very large part of it! We have to learn to be more compassionate towards other people, ourselves, and to the planet. Compassion is perhaps the single greatest key to happiness; it allows ...Read More

How to Stop Procrastinating in 6 Easy Steps

Procrastination is the number one enemy of production. It hinders our progress. We can be helpless in its grip as we find ourselves trailing through new found internet interests, or suddenly tidying our rooms as important deadlines approach. We all do it. We all ...Read More

My Tech Gear March 2012

The other day I received a request from reader John for an update to the digital tech gear I use on a daily basis to run my websites. While I understand not everyone is interested in what I use, hopefully some of you guys ...Read More