Alaska Man To Spend Year Off-Grid And Alone On An Island

Charles Baird has always had a dream of moving to an island and living off the grid, and now he’s going to make that dream a reality. At the end of May he is going to move with his dog to Latouche Island in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, build a small cabin, provide for all his own food and live off the grid. Granted, he is bringing his solar and wind systems with him and having lumber delivered so that he can build his house, but with the island getting an average of 100 inches of snow and 70 inches of rain year I imagine he’s in for quite an experience.

In so many ways I am jealous of the people that have the capacity to try these grand experiments. It takes a lot of courage to just head to the nearest abandoned island and try to “make it” on one’s own. But honestly I would much rather do my off grid experimenting in the desert of South Texas like John Wells does rather than in freezing-cold and wet Alaska. Sure, water won’t be an issue, but nearly everything else will be.

Do you think you could live alone on an island for a year?

  1. May 16, 2012
  2. May 16, 2012

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